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the crime against my hair of which I will never be able to forgive my mother for committing….. an atrocity, at best. #childofthe80s #hairnightmare #iwillneverforgiveyoumom #yourdaywillcome

text win of the day???? It’s not even Friday evening yet. #screencap #textoftheday #txtwin @hannahleecameron

here comes honey voodoo #voodoodoodoo going back to the city to be a warehouse dawg, hangin’ with the artists and musicians @the_mammoth #themammoth #kentucky #louisville #art #greatdane #photography #honeyvoodoo #honeydoodoo #honeybooboo #bigdog #heartstopper #love #baby

"… a woman whose creative life is dwindling, experiences… a sensation of poisoning, deformation, a desire to kill off everything. Subsequently, she is driven to seemingly endless searching through the wreckage for her former creative potential. In order for her psychic ecology to be arighted, the river has to be made clear once again. It is not the quality of our creative products that we are concerned with… but the determination and care of our creative life. Always behind the actions of writing, painting, thinking, healing, doing, cooking, talking, smiling, making, is the river, the Rio Abajo Rio; the river under the river nourishes everything we make."

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype 

Happening. @matttatsbway #specialchair @jessicabweez this is still happening. still. #specialsleepersofa

I love my friends.  <3  The snoring tattooer.  He has a harem of women who bring him Diet Cokes and mexican pizzas. True story.

Follow @matttatsbway on Instagram.  He tattoos people and stuff.

impromptu hair model convention

Daisy is seemingly mesmerized by an inkpen…. Fully occupying his post-Slint show aura.  

You can follow this talented genius, Daisy Caplan. He makes music with a band that works REALLY hard at their artform called Foxy Shazam.  As in… they practice like five hours a day, several days a week.  He who cannot respect that kind of dedication to one’s artistic charge is in a state of soul crisis….

Check out Daisy’s Reddit a.m.a.

Celebration in honor of the one and only Weezie #specialchair

Me and Heather.  Girls rule.  

@jessicabweez yo birf dun got celebrated #specialchair

The BFF Weezie holding it down for her big birthday, like a true champ. She does not play. Time has nothing on this woman. She’s a word genius, too. You can follow her on Instagram, if she lets you.

This Kentucky redneck wearing his sunglasses at night is J. Glenn. He’s a real good music maker and he posts a lot of weird photos onto the interwebs.  He got fired from My Morning Jacket for being the most awesome, then he just decided he’d become a one man band. True story. You can follow him, listen to his music, like his photos, buy his music, all kinds of stuff….  @mimi_von_schnitzl

I’ve finally arrived. haha @jessicabweez

Totally fascinated by the wifi naming games people play. It’s almost worth driving around cities for hours on end, just to obsessively screen cap people’s humor, subtle threats to their neighbors, etc.

in progress. not finished yet…. suddenly into pastels, charcoal and chalk over the past few months, for multiple reasons: saturated color, visceral, resists control, emotional, records movement well, bodily experience highly present in the act of making because of the nature of the medium (as in, conscious awareness of feeling, touching, moving, etc), ephemeral, requires no tools to mediate between creator and creation, vibrancy of colors. This piece is 44” x 30”, I think. Not small. This medium requires lots of open space. #artpractice #artisticresearch

messages encoded in pastels…. messy, problematic, troubling, requires effort and a willingness to let go of the illusion of control. sticks to hands better than paper. the media is inscribed on your body. it’s free flowing pigment with it’s own material prerogative that both resists and allows creative intentions to manifest. requires an embrace of the ambiguous and uncertain.

#photography #kentucky

I love taking photos and making images.  

I live in Carroll County, Kentucky. It is a rural county located on the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Louisville. My family settled in this area in the late 1700’s to farm tobacco.  

There are three rivers here:  

  1. The Ohio River
  2. The Kentucky River
  3. The Little Kentucky River

This place is sacred. The Native Americans traveled here to hunt, but, to my understanding, they did not settle in these sacred lands because they were commonly shared by all life.  There are burial mounds all over this place.  When the fields are plowed along the river bottoms, one can go artifact hunting as the fields are rich with arrow head points, axes, grinding stones and other tools that were discarded or left behind. Take note.  I do not recommend that one go “a walkin” in the plowed fields belonging to someone they do not know in Kentucky.  Knock on a door.  Seek permission.  Hospitality is a gift that folk enjoy bestowing upon visitors.   

#kentucky #photography

Old tobacco barn in Carroll County. Looks like someone is taking it apart to reclaim the wood…. but it’s been like this for a while. Perhaps their project stalled. Maybe they are nervous about removing the structural timbers.  Who knows. It’s still beautiful. 

#photography #kentucky

Old farm house atop a hill in Carroll County Kentucky, outside Ghent. From the back yard, there is an incredible view of the Ohio River Valley.

"I’m over here making melancholic images." #photography #kentucky

I’m terrible at identifying birds. This is a raptor of some sort.  Birds of prey are to be found in high concentrations in Carroll County because of the three rivers and all the tributary streams. This bird was showing its babies how to fly.  It was pretty incredible to watch.  I had the opportunity to witness this with my buddy @matttatsbway and we were astounded at how high the babies went up into the sky.  Momma bird was completely confident in their abilities, as she leaned back and charmed the two humans stuck on the ground instead.